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Black Horses Ltd was established in 2005, the year my first Friesians arrived in the UK - 3 stallions, Droomwals (Nanno 372), Hoitze (Tetse 394) & Hidde (Jasper 366) along with the beautiful KFPS Ster mare Femma (Teunis 332) who was in foal to Jasper 366 and subsequently had a beautiful filly we called Vela.

The stallions all drove and the main focus of our business at the time was commercial carriage driving. During this time the boys drove numerous brides to their weddings, took visitors to Cartmel village on trips round the local area in the carriage and took part in many photoshoots.

When the Experience Days began they were responsible for getting our visitors hooked on Friesians and many went on to buy Friesians of their own after their visit.

Today Black Horses continues to be the trading arm of the business and manages the unique accommodation we now offer at the Farm - ‘Stable Stays - The Best Sleepover ever!’ Aside from this we have a range of Merchandise you will find on the Store and continue to offer carriage rides to visitors to the area. The horses continue to take part in commercial and private photoshoots and
have featured in Harpers Bazaar magazine and appeared on a number of TV channels during 2021 & 2022 including Netflix hit show with Jack Whitehall - Travels with my father.


Occasionally I have space to take on Friesian horses for training and will continue to offer advise and training programs online to Friesian owners around the world. All the work we do is aimed at generating income in order to improve the facilities for our Friesian family.  We are currently working on new designs which will help us provide a state of the art Friesian Education and Wellness centre for both the horses and our visitors.

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