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Come and 'Live the Dream'

Our 'Friesian Yard Experience' gives you 3 hours with us on the yard. These have proved extremely popular for all horse lovers and no previous horse experience is necessary.  This is a unique opportunity to feel welcomed and at home on a working yard where you can get involved in whatever is going on that day.  You are welcome to ask questions about what we are doing with the horses and why.


For a small additional charge we do offer the opportunity for visitors to have a sit on one of the Friesians (after they have been worked) for some photos and video.  What we call 'The Friesian Smile' is pretty much a guaranteed result!


This is best suited to those who simply want to spend time on the yard with the horses, getting to know more about their personalities, spending time grooming and watching them being worked either in the arena or out in the carriage.  Its as 'hands on' as you want it to be but either way you can be assured you will be made to feel at home!


Offered throughout the week with Mondays being the day Tracey schools most of the horses in work so this may be of interest to those wanting to understand more about the training techniques we use and how we vary it depending on the training level and physical challenges of each horse.  Horses are worked throughout the week so please feel free to ask what might be happening on a particular day.  We have a limited number of Saturday's available so early booking is advisable.

This is not an individual experience so there may be a small group on the day. If you would prefer an individual experience please take a look at our Customised Experiences.

Your day will include meeting the Friesians and spending time getting to know them from the ground.

It may also include some of the following:


  • Groom, bath and/or pamper a Friesian or two

  • Spend time one to one with a Friesian

  • Spend time in the fields with our Friesians living out 24/7

  • Watch us working and training them and join us on the carriage if we are driving that day

  • Leading Friesians in and out of the fields

  • Watching our farrier Chris Milby at work

If you'd like to end your Friesian Yard Experience with some one to one time with one of our Friesians in the Friendship Barn you can add it on as an extra.  What better way to finish your time with us on the yard by sitting and relaxing with a coffee (and maybe your lunch) in our relaxing and therapeutic barn with your chosen Friesian friend.