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Come and 'Live the Dream'

Step into a Serene Oasis of Black Horse Magic with our Friesian Yard Experience


Are you yearning for a blissful escape to a tranquil haven, nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District National Park? Look no further! Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, switch off from the outside world, and reconnect with the authentic joys of face-to-face interactions with our extraordinary Friesian horses. Regardless of your age or previous experience with horses, our Friesian Yard Experience welcomes everyone to embark on this enchanting journey.

Located amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District National Park, our farm provides an idyllic setting.  Surrounded by lush green meadows, rolling hills, and the tranquil sounds of nature, our Friesian Sanctuary offers a peaceful respite from the chaos of everyday life. Here, you can embrace the beauty of the countryside, soak in the calming atmosphere, and most importantly, become part of the incredible world we share with our majestic Friesian family.

At The Friesian Experience, we believe in making our experiences accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. No previous experience with horses is necessary; our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you every step of the way. You'll have the opportunity to get involved in the activities we have planned for the day, witnessing the horses at work and learning about our comprehensive welfare program designed for each of them.

Our experiences are crafted to provide an immersive and educational encounter with our family of very beautiful, kind and intuitive Friesians and Mr JB our infamous mini shetland.  Whether you choose to engage hands-on with grooming, leading, and interacting with the horses or prefer a more relaxed observation-focused experience, the choice is yours. Our small, dedicated team will be by your side, sharing their expertise and passion for these remarkable characters.

While these experiences are not about riding, they offer an opportunity to truly connect with the horses on the ground and understand more about their world. Witness their graceful movements, learn about their individual personalities, and discover the intricate care that goes into ensuring their well-being. As you become a part of their daily activities, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the bond between humans and horses.

For those who would like to experience the incredible feeling of sitting aboard one of our gentle black beauties we do offer the opportunity to do this after you've watched one of them at work.  The 'Friesian Smile' is guaranteed and the pictures we get for you will keep that smile alive for years to come.

If you explore our vibrant social media channels, you'll catch a glimpse of the heartfelt moments shared by our delighted guests. From the joy of actively participating in the care of the Friesians to the educational insights into our welfare program, their experiences reflect the essence of what we strive to offer—an opportunity to connect, learn, and appreciate the magic of these incredible creatures.

So, escape the confines of virtual existence and immerse yourself in an experience that celebrates the beauty of nature, the companionship of animals, and the warmth of human connection.


Book your Friesian Yard Experience now, regardless of your age or previous experience. Step into a world where the serenity of the Lake District National Park, the captivating presence of our Friesian horses, and the shared knowledge of their welfare program await you.

Remember, our experiences are highly sought after, so secure your spot today. Let the serenity of nature and the enchantment of our Friesian horses embrace you in a world where connection, education, and the genuine wonder of these magnificent characters reign supreme.

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