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Hottub summer view


Hi! I am Martine, 31 years old and I’ve been mad about Friesian horses for as long I can remember. Living in the country these beauties originate from, I am lucky enough to have visited my share of Friesian events, shows and inspections and to have ridden several Friesian horses who still have a very special place in my heart.

In 2013 I studied English and approached Tracey for a 10-week stay abroad. After my first stay in 2013, many more followed. I’ve seen The Friesian Experience grow and the team behind it going through great highs and extreme lows. The team is incredibly dedicated to giving all horses on the farm the best care and to giving visitors a great day.

For a couple of times now, Tracey has put me into contact with people who are searching for a Friesian horse of their own. Anyone wanting to buy a Friesian horse will meet some challenges.

There are not a lot of purebred Friesians for sale in the UK so if you don’t know where to start looking I might be able to help. Depending on how much time I have when you contact me, I can look for a horse here in the Netherlands for you ór with you and guide you through the process of buying, the vets checks and the transport to the UK.

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