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2nd March 2006
13th October 2017

(Jasper 366 x Teunis 332)

KFPS 3rd Premie Studbook Mare




2006 - KFPS 2nd Premie Foal
2010 - KFPS 3rd Premie Studbook mare


Sired by Jasper 366, Vela was our first homebred mare, the first daughter of Model mare Femma L and sadly passed away in her prime during 2017. She was awarded a 2nd Premie as a foal at the UK inspections and entered the studbook with a 3rd Premie in 2010.

Vela was a beautiful, strong mare with a super willing temperament and desire to learn. Born in Cartmel she benefitted from being brought up on our farm and displayed the amazing gentle and kind nature the Friesian is renowned for. We backed Vela to ride as a late 3yo and she quickly learnt to drive the following year. After a couple of months of schooling we threw her in the deep end with her first dressage competition where she scored a very creditable 67.39%. She followed this up with a succession of wins with scores of 74.16% and 79.58% but time constraints meant we were not able to continue a competition career.

Vela was an extremely kind natured mare who would always stand back in a field of mares so she didn't get pulled into any confrontation! It was a different matter if she went out with any of the boys who she kept well and truly in their place!

In the last few years, Vela was in her prime. Not only did she drive many brides to their weddings, but she also took part in wedding dress photoshoots and was happy to have inexperienced people sit on her. This was vital when she took part in some filming for 'Macbeth' when she was ridden by leading actor Cosmo Jarvis who, by his own admission, was not a rider yet managed to move Vela to where she needed to be! Many of our visitors were able to enjoy Vela out hacking but she was in her element out on the Sands at Bardsea beach and would often give her aunty Renske a run for her money during a good gallop.

Vela has a special apple tree planted in our memorial orchard near to her sister Ischka.

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