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DOB: 14/04/2007

(Arjen 417 x Brandus 345)

KFPS Ster Stallion




2011 - Awarded KFPS Ster Status & UK Champion Stallion
2011 - Qualified for British Dressage 4yo Young Horse Finals
2012 - Qualified for British Dressage 5yo Young Horse Finals


This young horse came over to England with us in October 2009 as a gangly 2yo. We were drawn to him because of his lovely temperament, beautiful head and most importantly his very elegant, easy paces.

As an extremely well developed youngster Wouter was backed at a young age and found the work very easy. He qualified for the finals of the British Dressage - Shearwater Young Dressage Horse finals by winning the Richmond Qualifier as a 4yo in 2011 and 5yo in 2012. We believe he is the first and only Friesian to achieve this in the UK to date (2021)

We took him to the UK Friesian inspections in 2011 where he was awarded the prestigious STER title and UK CHAMPION STALLION. Wouter always showed a very natural ability in dressage. He was sensible, willing and talented.

Sadly at only 7yo Wouter passed away on the operating table at Leahurst Equine Hospital with a ruptured stomach but his memory lives on in his full sister Doutzen who remains a permanent resident of the farm.

Wouter's papers were very interesting. His mother, HEDWICH L Stb Ster, is from Stam 1, the oldest registered bloodline for the Friesians. He had full papers (Ster, Ster Sport, Ster, Ster Pref) and had inherited his dressage ability from his sire Arjen 417 who competed with great success at Prix St George in the Netherlands. Arjen 417 was approved on his offspring in 2009 which have proved to be of a consistently high quality with particular note being made of how easy his offspring are to work with.

This was certainly the case with Wouter. He had immaculate manners both in and out of the stable. He was very straightforward to back and was always willing and quick to learn. Wouter was very laid back but by no means was he lazy. He hacked out alone, with geldings, stallions or mares without any trouble.

Wouter was a real gentleman, very sweet and kind natured and we miss him dearly, he was one of the sweetest and hard-working horses we have ever known.

Wouter has a very special memorial garden at Greenbank farm and has a memorial apple tree planted in our Friesian orchard.

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