Doutzen (Arjen 417)

DOB: 29/03/2009

Doutzen is a beautiful, elegant Friesian mare with great suppleness and extremely expressive movement. She travelled over to us from the Netherlands at the tender age of 2 along with her full sister Berber who subsequently gained the Kroon title and overall UK Breed Champion in 2014 before returning to her breeder in the Netherlands. Doutzen's older full brother Wouter was also a resident at Greenbank Farm from where he was trained by Tracey and achieved the prestigious Ster Status as a 4yo stallion and became the first Friesian in the UK to qualify for the British Dressage Young Horse finals as a 4yo and 5yo.

Doutzen is also an extremely talented dressage horse who gained the Ster status and achieved the highest score yet achieved by a Friesian during a UK IBOP performance test however as competing is not a priority for Tracey these days she does not compete on a regular basis. She is however trained primarily for dressage now after spending a few years taking part in the Friesian experiences. General hacking did not suit her well as she does not have a naturally strong back so it is important for her health and wellbeing that she is only ridden by advanced riders able to work her correctly to maintain this strength. She is available during Friesian riding experiences and lessons to those riders with a keen interest in dressage.

Doutzen is a sensitive and incredibly sweet tempered mare from one of the oldest bloodlines (Stam 1) registered with the KFPS studbook.

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