Ineka (Tsjerk 328)

DOB: 13th January 2010

Also known as 'Nutty Neeka' - Ineka was the first Friesian born in the UK by embryo transfer. She was carried by a big chestnut warmblood called Jubilee but is daughter to our Model mare Femma. Neeka is a very beautiful mare who is quite insecure and desperate to do the right thing. Because of this she can be quite stressy and was quite a challenge to start in her riding career as she could go into blind panic. We've taken our time with her and now, at the age of 10 that patience is beginning to pay off and she regularly takes part in our experience days. She is not a novice ride but when someone connects with her she is an absolute delight to ride, albeit with a bit of attitude!!

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It costs over £140/day to keep our friesians, with bills not only for feed, bedding, haylage, farrier and vets but many others too in order to keep their facilities and equipment in good working order. By adopting or sponsoring one of our horses you are helping us to keep the horses in the best of condition and allowing us to keep opening our doors to people from all walks of life who want to be captivated by the friesian magic. Your donation will go towards the cost to care for all our friesians.


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