The Friesian Beach rides are for Advanced, Experienced, physically fit riders with a good understanding of the principles of schooling a horse.


Regardless of riding background anyone wishing to take one of our Friesian horses to the beach MUST have ridden with us from the farm on at least one occasion.


The Friesian Beach Rides have become a firm favourite over the last few years and nothing quite beats galloping a Friesian out on the open sands. As with all our experiences, these rides are offered to those with a passion for the Friesian horse and a keen desire to learn and understand more about the breed.


For those simply looking for a beach ride we can recommend Cumbria Heavy horses or Murthwaite Green trekking centres.


Our beach rides take place at Bardsea beach near Ulverston. It's too far for us to ride there so we travel the horses there in the Horsebox which takes approx 40 minutes. You are welcome to travel with us (subject to Covid restrictions), follow behind in your car or even meet us at the beach.


On the half day beach rides we head straight out onto the beach and the ride can last anything from 1.5 hour to 2.5 hours depending on how much faster work the horses are doing.


Our full day beach and fell rides are approximately 4 hours in the saddle again depending on how much galloping we do. We start by heading off on the quiet country lanes up to Birkrigg Common where you will probably see the Bardsea Druids circle. You can admire the stunning views across the Lake District and the beach below before we head down onto the sands to play on the beach.


Individual or Shared?

Individual - ideal for those who prefer a more 'one to one' experience with the freedom to do and ask what you want when you want and have the ride just how you want it.  Any riding will be at a pace you are comfortable with and we feel is appropriate for you and the horse you are riding.

Shared - these are best suited to couples, small groups of friends or riding buddies. We can arrange mixed groups of riders for trips to the beach only where riders have ridden with us before.

Full Days are available March to October

PEAK TIMES: Saturdays, Bank Holidays and May to end of September

OFF PEAK: Weekdays October to end of April

WEIGHT LIMIT: We have a strict weight limit of 13 stone


Professional Photoshoots

We are extremely fortunate to have local animal photographer Sandy Kitching on our doorstep. Sandy can be booked to come and take professional images of you during your time with our Friesians for either a day or half a day. The majority of the pictures you will see across our store are her creations. You can view a wide selection of her work at https://sandyanimalphotographer.smugmug.com. Ask us to check Sandy's availability when you book, or get in touch with her directly at sandykitching@me.com

BEACH EXPERIENCE Advanced, Regular Riders Only (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

PriceFrom £200.00