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Sarah came into our lives back in 2008 before we started The Friesian Experience and used to help us out both at the yard in her spare time and with the horse drawn weddings we used to do with our original boys. With a background working in professional yards before having her two girls, Holly & Freya, she was always one step ahead with anything that needed doing. She has stuck with us through good times and bad times and without her support and help we would not still be going.

Her girls have grown up at the yard and not only are they now just like members of our family they are all invaluable members of the team and the future of what we have created here and want to develop for the future.

Sarah runs a lot of our social media pages alongside helping out at the yard at weekends. Having worked in the insurance industry for many years she now works in Windermere as a chef in the week doing something else she has an exceptional talent for!

Sarah Dobson
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