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DOB: 7th June 2010

(Jense 432 x Fabe 348)

KFPS Foalbook Gelding




Lifetime Achievement Award:
Responsible for making hundreds of visitors over the years fall in love with the Friesian breed even more!

Hannes arrived at Greenbank Farm in 2015 as his owner found him too much for herself and wanted him to get some more life experience so he joined us here for some training. Hannes is a very handsome and compact Friesian with a fabulous wavy forelock and mane that has been inherited from his grandsire Fabe 348.

When Hannes arrived it soon became apparent that he was suffering badly with chorioptic mange mites which is not uncommon in Friesians and his feet were in very poor condition. He also suffered from sarcoids, the most severe one being under his eye. Unfortunately, over several months his owner failed to pay for his bills and when she broke all contact with us he became a permanent member of the family. Hannes is the reason we now operate as a Sanctuary so we can help other Friesians and their owners in need.

Before he came he had been well schooled but hacking was a very new experience to him and he soon realised there was a whole new speed, at times the brakes didn’t work and Hannes was off. Over time Hannes settled into his work and showed us he was a horse that liked to be active.

Hannes started to take part in our experience days where he has become a valuable member of our Friesian team and a firm favourite with our visitors. He proved he was a real poser and has taken part in a number of photoshoots and appeared as the front cover of a local magazine `Living`. In early 2016 we decided to get Hannes driving and he went on to teach a number of our visitors over the years how to drive.

He loves attention and is rather food orientated which means we do ask visitors not to give him treats to discourage him from trying to nibble anything and everything he sees!. Hannes has a very inquisitive side and loves human attention and will stand for hours to be pampered. He has been a great companion in our unique `Stable Stays` accommodation where he would spend the night next to you but does like to wake guests early for his breakfast by pulling blankets off or even giving the partition between you a little kick or two! He had to take a break from Stable Stays late 2022 but we hope will return for the occasional stay in late 2023.

In 2019 Hannes was diagnosed with some bony changes in his front feet which we were not completely surprised by due to his feet when he first arrived. We manage his feet with regular attention from our farrier Chris Milby and supplements to help keep him comfortable and mobile. He also developed some thickening of the tendon in his hock which can sometimes flare up if he has done a bit too much. The sarcoid under his eye also continued to grow and needed treating. We ran a successful fundraiser which allowed him to receive chemotherapy injections around his eye and laser treatment which suppressed further growth for a few years. Sadly in late 2022 he developed a growth inside his eye socket. This was diagnosed as being an extremely rare and life threatening conjunctival sarcoid. The journey Hannes has been on since diagnosis has been incredible - he has shown huge courage and strength and has had support from thousands of online followers from all round the world. Thanks once again to a GoFundMe campaign we have been able to continue to give him the very best of veterinary care. His full journey can be viewed on our social media channels.

Hannes will require ongoing care and treatment for the rest of his life but thanks to the experts who have helped him along the way, the rare sarcoid has now been removed and the remaining sarcoids around his eye are being managed.

He now spends his days out with the other boys and enjoys doing groundwork to help keep him as loose and supple as possible. In mid 2023 he had a sarcoid lazered from his tummy so he is unable to go for hacks for some time but continues to enjoy activities from the ground.

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