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DOB: 7th July 2002

15.1hh STER Gelding (Retired)

KFPS Ster Gelding




Born in 2002 we bought Hidde over to England as a 3yo stallion having fallen in love with his extravagant movement, cheeky temperament and enormous quantities of hair!! Hidde’s father is one of our favourite stallions, Jasper 366 who has well and truly put his stamp on Friesian breeding today. So much so that in January 2011 he was given the prestigious Preferent title because of his contribution to the breed.
We took Hidde to the UK inspections in 2006 where he was awarded Ster in recognition of his fabulous movement.

Hidde is a very versatile little horse who loved his work. He worked in our wedding carriage and more often in our smaller carriage taking visitors on trips around the village. He was at his happiest, however, when he was in the dressage arena and won many unaffiliated competitions before going affiliated, he won the first time out with a score in the 70s.

Hidde was a very safe, but, on occasions bouncy ride because of his extravagant trot! We called him our ‘wiggly worm’ as he was so flexible and bendy but when you got him going well, he was an absolute joy to ride. He loved to hack out and have a good gallop across the fields when he had the chance.

In 2011 we felt it was in his best interests to have Hidde gelded, Unfortunately, Hidde suffers from a couple of skin conditions including the rare condition called Pemphigus Folliacus which affected him primarily during the winter months when the weather turns cold. With the help of some occasional medication and his snuggy hoods, rugs and hoody we managed to find a way to help him through the cold winter nights and has now resolved itself.

Hidde had quite a lot of time off in 2012 for treatment of a sarcoid in his saddle area. As he loved his work, we were concerned he would get stressed not being involved in the day to day work at the yard. However, it is amazing what a good woman (or mare) can do for a man (or gelding!!!). Hidde found true love with Renske and they happily lived together like an old married couple. Luckily, the sarcoid had been successfully treated and we were happy to say that Hidde went back to work at the end of 2013. By the time Summer 2014 came around, he was in top shape again and made many experience days and hacks to great success. He did numerous weddings since the sarcoid, in a pair with his half-sister Vela or together with his old stable-neighbour, Droomwals.

In winter 2015 sadly the sarcoids grew back with aggression in his saddle area, and he had treatment for them in 2016. This has now fully healed but we took the decision to retire him and he now has the important job of babysitting any youngsters and keeping our herd of mares in check. Hidde still has a very significant job by taking part in our unique accommodation called `Stable Stays’ where he spends the night alongside guests, so as a foundation horse he is still an important part of `The Friesian Experience’

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