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Mr JB (Miniature Shetland)

DOB: 2011


Our official 'wannabe' Friesian



Mr JB is our resident miniature shetland pony who has lived with us since 2012. We believe he was born in 2010 or 2011 and arrived in the UK as a yearling with about 100 other shetlands as part of a rescue plan.

He's not as bossy and cheeky as a lot of shetlands but is full of character and fun. Most of his time is spent with our Friesian boys as the girls tend to bully him a little!  He particularly enjoys his time with Hoitze and Hannes especially when having a run round the arena!

JB featured in the Netflix show - Jack Whitehall - Travels with my Father when they came and stayed in Stable Stays in 2021.  He LOVES getting to spend a night with visitors in the stable especially when they are happy for him to join them in their side of the accommodation!

Like a lot of shetlands he can be prone to laminitis so we do have to watch what he eats, especially when the rich grass starts to appear.

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