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Read about each of our horses personalities below to choose your

Friesian Friend OR let us choose for you

Miniature Shetland

Calling all animal lovers, regardless of age, background, or physical abilities! Are you captivated by the grace and beauty of horses? Do you yearn for that tender touch of a velvety nose, the familiar scent that only horses possess, the mesmerising sound of munching hay, and the deep, calming effect they bring when you lay your hands on them or share a warm embrace?

At Greenbank Farm, we have designed two extraordinary spaces tailored just for you. Whether you're seeking an overnight retreat or a daytime escape, we've got you covered. Allow us to introduce our custom-built 'Friesian Friendship' barn. This exclusive haven allows you to book a therapeutic session and indulge in precious one-on-one time with your chosen Friesian horse.

Step into a world of tranquility as your equine companion relaxes under the warm glow of our infrared solarium, relishing our nourishing homegrown haylage. Meanwhile, you can join them for affectionate Friesian cuddles or a blissful grooming session. Alternatively, recline on a plush sofa behind our beautifully handcrafted partition, basking in the soft, soothing lighting while you disconnect from the outside world.

To enhance your experience, we provide complimentary refreshments and let you curate the perfect ambiance with your choice of music. It's an opportunity for you and your Friesian Friend to forge an unbreakable bond in an environment that radiates pure magic. And remember, this therapeutic haven benefits not only our cherished horses but also our esteemed visitors.

During your initial visit, we allocate one and a half hours to acquaint you with the barn and its workings. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a 15% discount code for all future bookings after your first session. While these sessions are ideally suited for individuals seeking the ultimate one-on-one experience, we also welcome small groups of up to three people. This arrangement is particularly beneficial for those requiring assistance or families visiting with children.

If you desire an extended encounter with our magnificent horses and wish to immerse yourself further in our welcoming and serene environment, we recommend booking our 'Meet the Horses' tour beforehand. This way, you can fully embrace the experience and enter the Friendship Barn with your chosen Friesian friend, ready to create lasting memories together.

Indulge your love for horses and embark on an unforgettable journey of connection, relaxation, and wonder. Book your place today and let the magic unfold at Greenbank Farm!

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