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We love to share our horses journey's with you all, whether you follow us on our social media channels or have the opportunity to visit us here at the farm.  Every penny our horses earn go towards their day to day care but in order for us to continue to provide the best life for the Friesians in our care, offer sanctuary to those in need and of course continue to share them with you all we do rely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters and donations.

It was suggested we create a WISH LIST for the horses so people could buy things directly for the horses day to day care. The Wishlist started on Amazon but we are now able to share more items that need to be sourced elsewhere and our supporters can either buy items outright or contribute towards the cost of the higher value items. Whether its treats for the horses, more items for their wardrobes or to improve their facilities its always gratefully received :-)

Click here to visit the AMAZON WISHLIST or scroll through the items below 

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