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TAA Droomie Anja Lorraine


Introducing Our Captivating "Meet the Horses" Tours!

We are absolutely thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all visitors in the area, granting them an extraordinary opportunity to meet our beloved Friesian horses. Join us at our enchanting farm for an experience that will leave you spellbound.

While our doors remain closed to the general public, we wholeheartedly welcome small groups to discover the magic of our farm and learn more about our exceptional work.

Prepare to be captivated as you step into our world, where you can forge a special connection with our Friesian horses. Immerse yourself in their world by exploring our inviting stables and observing the graceful beings that roam our lush fields. And who knows? You might even catch them in action, showcasing their stunning abilities!

Rain or shine, our passion for sharing these extraordinary creatures with you knows no bounds. If the weather is less than ideal, worry not, as we are more than happy to accommodate you on an alternate date. And fear not the raindrops, for our unwavering enthusiasm will guide you through every step of the way. We do recommend bringing along a sturdy pair of boots, as our farm's rustic charm may leave a bit of mud on your soles.

Our "Meet the Horses" tours are designed to create an intimate and personalised experience for you and your companions. We require a minimum of two participants per tour, and any additional visitors within the same group will be charged at a nominal fee of £25 per person.

****Exciting NEW option now on offer****

For those who would like to experience the incredible feeling of sitting aboard one of our gentle black beauties we do offer the opportunity to do this after you've watched one of them at work.  Regardless of age or experience we can give you the unique opportunity to have the  biggest 'Friesian Smile' - its guaranteed and the pictures we get for you will keep that smile alive for years to come!.

Join us on this remarkable adventure, where you'll forge a lasting connection with the extraordinary Friesian horses. 

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