Riding Experiences / Hacks

These are for *experienced, regular riders who are expected to be confident riding on the roads at walk and trot and able to manage horses from 15.1hh upwards. Cantering on the rides is not compulsory and only possible if ground conditions permit. We will tailor the pace of the ride to your requirements and the needs of the horse you are riding.

The Friesian is a genuine and kind natured horse who is generally willing to please. Some people can find them quite ‘bouncy’ compared to other horses simply because they have a lot of movement in their paces.

Once mounted you will have the opportunity to ride your horse round the arena before we head out on the lanes. Please do not exaggerate your experience as we will not be able to take you out if we feel you would not be able to manage the horse. This would be discussed with you and where possible we will allow you to ride in the arena instead but no refund will be provided.

Our horses are used for a range of ‘jobs’ and are not solely used for ‘trekking’. We use a variety of horses for this purpose from experienced all rounders to youngsters (minimum 5yo) who may be a little inexperienced but will have been hacking regularly and assessed to be safe for experienced riders. Our horses require ‘Riders’ as opposed to ‘Passengers’ and you are asked to treat them with respect but also to be firm with them.

Friesians are extremely intelligent horses. They will judge you as a rider, just as you will be judging them as a ‘ride’. If they can get away with picking at the grass or hedges in the middle of the ride they will, and by allowing them to do this you are teaching them habits that are not acceptable and this can lead to problems for future riders.

We ask that you respect the space of the other horses during the ride. All our horses have the ability to walk out well on rides although given the opportunity by the rider they will happily go at a snails pace! You will be expected to ride at a good working walk. On quiet lanes we can ride two abreast but on busier roads we must go single file and keep a horses distance between each rider. Reflective clothing is strongly advised. If you do not have your own we may have tabards / jackets you can borrow.

Weight Limit

Our weight limit for riding the horses is 13stone (83kg). If you are a very experienced rider and are above this limit please contact us to discuss

Online Purchases

Online purchases are valid for a maximum of 12 months - please do not leave it to the last week it is valid to contact us to make a reservation!

Drive Experiences

Our Friesian Driving experiences are open to people of all abilities and are an ideal opportunity to learn more about the Friesian horse and try your hand at carriage driving. All beginner drivers will be shown how to handle the reins traditional Coachman Style before leaving the yard and will be given the chance to drive (under supervision) once we are out round the lanes.

Clothing / Safety Equipment

Please wear clothing suitable for riding ie jodhpurs, breeches or stretch jeans. You will need to bring alongyour own Boots, Riding Hat (All hats and skulls must be fitted with an integral adjustable nylon harness and must conform to a minimum of EN 1384, Gloves, reflective and wet weather clothing. We do have some spare but do not have sizes to fit all. Reflective clothing is advisable

Health & Safety

On arrival please take note of the two fire points located at the top and bottom yards. In the event of a fire please make your way to the Fire Assembly point in the Arena which is located behind the top barn.

If you have children traveling with you please ensure you supervise them at all times when they are on the farm as we cannot accept liability for any accidents they may have.

We suggest that you wear protective headgear at all times when handling the horses


We carry full Public Liability insurance with Carriage House Insurers and South Essex Insurance Brokers however we can accept no liability for personal injury sustained whilst handling or riding the horses.

This is done so at your own risk and we suggest you have your own personal accident insurance.

You will be required to fill in a rider registration form, your signature on which confirms you have also read these notes.


Bookings / Opening Hours

Bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance. We operate all year round subject to weather conditions however we cannot offer Full Day Experiences from 1st Nov to 31st March due to the restrictions with light.

We are open 7 days a week but ask that you make an appointment should you wish to visit so we can make sure someone is around to see you.

Cancellation / Postponement

In the event of bad weather we still go ahead with the ‘Experience’ and ask that you bring suitable wet weather clothing (after all, we are in the Lake District!). If however the weather conditions would make the ride dangerous (ie gale force winds, snow, ice etc) then we are happy to rearrange for another day and any deposit will be transferred to the new date. Cancellations made for any other reason within 48 hours of your booking will be liable to 50% of the total cost. Cancellations on the day are liable to the full charge.

Refunds / Exchanges

Refunds are available on request within 28 days of all online purchases. An admin fee of 25% will be deducted. Online purchases from the webstore including Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.

*Everyone has a different interpretation of 'experienced' and we do ask that you email us with details of your riding background. We strongly advise riders to get some riding fitness before visiting if they have not ridden for a while as this way they will get more out of the experience and our horses are less likely to take liberties with you and pick up bad habits! We are happy to welcome Novice riders but may only be able to offer walk & trot rides or riding in the arena. We do not offer our rides from the farm to Beginners. As a simple guideline, if you are not able to do a well balanced, established rising trot we are unlikely to consider you experienced enough to go out on a hack. We are happy to welcome those returning to riding after a break as long as fitness levels have been maintained.