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The Friesian Experience was originally created in 2010 to help and educate those considering bringing a Friesian horse into their lives.   We now welcome animal loving visitors from all round the world who simply want to meet and experience the magic of the Friesian horse.


Tracey's record of achievements over the years is unrivalled in the UK and was officially recognised by the UKFS (Breed Society) in 2021.   

Aside from owning and producing 3 UK Breed Champions, Tracey's deep understanding and knowledge of the Friesian breed from day to day care to training and welfare is willingly shared with anyone wanting to learn more. 


What sets us apart from many others is that our Friesians, regardless of their achievements, are not offered for sale (at any price!) and are guaranteed a home with us for life.  This allows us to learn from every horse how best to understand them at every stage of their life. 


Our virtual and physical visitors get to know each of our horses and can follow each of their journeys just for fun or to help them understand Friesians better


I was honoured to be a Director and subsequently President of the Friesian Horse Association of GB & Ireland (now the UKFS) for a number of years which allowed me to help educate many Friesian lovers. Sadly, due to family circumstances I was unable to give the position enough time so resigned in 2017. The KFPS Friesian studbook is one of the strictest in the world with very clear breeding policies and goals which we will always support and help others to understand.

Having met many owners who had made heartbreaking and expensive decisions because they went into ownership blind, I was keen to share what I had learnt over the years. The aim was to help people make informed choices so the Friesian they offered a home to could be assured of the best possible life.

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Over the years the Experiences I offered grew and changed; visitors started to come to the farm from all round the world to spend time with these magical horses and learn more about them.

Experienced riders could get a feel for how different they were to ride and others would have a go at carriage driving round the quiet lanes. Other visitors just wanted to spend time with them or have professional photographs taken together.

My passion is not only to educate visitors and Friesians but primarily to ensure all the Friesian horses in my care are happy and healthy and able to live the best life they can.


Over the years we have had a number of Friesian horses abandoned with us where their owners circumstances changed and they were unable to care for their horses any more. These horses now have a home with us for life.


Recognising the need to provide a safe haven for Friesians whose owners were facing difficulties, we have offered temporary Sanctuary to a number of horses over the years and continue to do so.

Tracey Alexander

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