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11th May 2001
15th May 2020

(Nanno 372 x Freak218)

KFPS Foalbook Stallion




Lifetime Achievement Awards:
Tracey's 'horse of a lifetime'
Drove over 250 brides to their weddings over the years
Helped many hundreds of visitors to fall in love with the Friesian breed even more
Starred in 2015 Magna Carta son et lumiere film and celebrations in Cartmel village


Droomwals, immediately translated as Dreamwaltz, or “Droomie” was a truly exceptional animal.
You would not find a horse anywhere with the same appetite for work as he did.

His amazing work lust could always be relied on and there was never a doubt he would give every task 100%.

Sired by Nanno and born in 2001 we brought Droomie over from Holland at the same time as Hoitze and Hidde. He always had a feisty but professional attitude to work, adored being centre of attention and once he knew what was expected, took everything in his stride which enabled us to keep him entire until he turned 17.

Droomie worked on the off-side of the carriage when we drove pairs or went in front when we drove the unicorn (3 horses). Because of his very forward going attitude Droomie was not a novice ride. However he delighted many of our visitors over the years by allowing them to ride him in the arena as well as take him out driving where he had the ability to make everyone look good.

At the 2008 UK Friesian Inspections he was described by the FPS jury as "a beautiful stallion,
very nicely built, with beautiful musculation and excellent feathering". When he was not busy with his driving work in the early years, Droomie did occasionally compete at local unaffiliated dressage competitions but he did find this quite stressful.

We tried to keep life quite light hearted for Droomie in between his commercial work and he liked nothing more than hacking out or spending a day in the paddock.

Droomie really did lead an incredible life and achieved a great deal over the years, some of which can be seen in his photo gallery.

Tracey said goodbye to her horse of a lifetime on the 15th May 2020. It was peaceful and quick and he is now laid to rest in the Friesian memorial orchard - a field that can be seen from the house where he has a large copper beach tree planted above him in the centre of the field where it will stand and grow as impressive and proud as he was throughout his life.

His legacy will live on forever at the farm as he was the inspiration for so much of what we have done and where we plan to go in the future.

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