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DOB: 8th June 2002

(Tetse 394 x Nykle 309)

KFPS Foalbook Gelding




Lifetime Achievement Award:
The most intelligent, cheeky, lovable rogue Friesian on the farm!

Hoitze is a very traditional, solid, and imposing type of Friesian, known as Baroque, they were bred as workhorses on farms in northern Holland and as such were big boned with really heavy necks and Hoitze has certainly retained these characteristics.

Sired by Tetse 394 and born in 2002 we saw Hoitze as a 3-year-old stallion in Holland and were fortunate enough to secure his services for our business and he has been worth his weight in gold ever since. He is a very intelligent horse that loves to be mentally stimulated to keep him interested in his life. He got bored easily so his work used to range from driving, hacking, schooling (his least favourite pastime!!) a little bit of trick training, the odd small cross-country course and going out with the Vale of Lune Hunt for a couple of Ambles each year!

Hoitze always loved pulling all of our carriages and was our anchor horse as he has such an enormous amount of power, when he paired up with Droomwals in the carriage they were a spectacular sight to behold. Hoitze is a real softie with children, a few of which have had a sit on his back and he's been on his best behaviour! Equally, he enjoyed testing out the more experienced riders from time to time, all of course in good humour!! He thrives on attention and loves nothing more than having a really ripe banana or pear with his breakfast or even a cup of tea or coffee!

Hoitze has had some busy years with his wedding work, photoshoots and hacks which he thoroughly enjoyed. He also went along to Your Horse Live to represent the Friesian in the 'Breeds Village' which was his idea of heaven. What more could a Friesian want - people to talk and fuss over him all day long!!

He retired from work in 2018 as he has arthritis in his front feet and hocks. When he first retired he lived with Femma who absolutely adored him. He was truly heartbroken when she passed away in 2021 and I don't think has ever fully got over losing her. We have tried various other girls in with him but he gets irritable over time and has now found a new best friend in Mr JB who knows when to give him space. He loves any attention from our 2-legged visitors and has found his vocation in life as one of the best Stable Stay or Friendship Barn companions. Hoitze loves an adoring audience and really knows how to work the camera! He really is one in a million

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