Renske A L

DOB: 28th January 2005

(Sape 381 x Oege 267)

KFPS 2nd Premie Ster Mare



Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare
Renske (Sape 381 x Oege 267) KFPS Ster Mare


2009 - KFPS 2nd Premie Ster
2013 - KFPS 2nd Premie Ster
2013 - IBOP Performance Test - 76.5points

Renske is our beautiful Friesian Ster mare by Sape 381 out of the 1st Premie Ster Preferent mare Baukje fan Ikkerwald (Oege 267) making her the 1/2 sister to our KFPS Model mare Femma L (Teunis 332)

We were delighted to have the opportunity to bring Renske over to the UK in 2009 and in March 2010 she produced a very handsome colt by Bente who we owned in partnership with her breeder. This colt named Hannes (not to be confused with the Hannes we have on the farm now!) received a 2nd Premie at the UK gradings. He was subsequently sold and enjoys a 5* home with his owners in Derbyshire.

Renske was lightly backed before she came to the UK and returned to work in early 2011. Following an injury, she was unable to work for most of 2012 but returned to work again at the end of that year. She has always been an extremely forward mare with powerful and expressive paces.

Despite a number of attempts to breed with Renske in 2012 and 2019 this has proved unsuccessful which is heartbreaking as she has proved to be the most honest, reliable and enthusiastic member of our Friesian team. We always say if we could clone her we'd do it 10 times!

Renske has done an amazing job over the years taking part in our Friesian Experience days and many a visitor has fallen in love with her. Renske loves nothing more than going for a gallop along the beach, and is now known as the speed queen of Greenbank!! When not being ridden she is the most relaxed and gentle soul and ideal for those wanting to spend time with the friesians on the ground. In fact her nickname is 'Aunty Renske' as she's been so good at looking out for any youngsters, especially her nieces (Vela, Ischka, Neeka, Jolanda & Sjoukje) over the years. Renske really comes alive when you get on her, she absolutely loves her work and demonstrates what a powerhouse she is when under saddle.

At the 2013 Friesian Inspections Renske was one of the first horses to complete the IBOP test which was held for the first time in the UK that year. With her two older sisters having achieved the SPORT title and a mark of 81.5points in the IBOP respectively she had a lot to live up to. She was very green in her training at the time so her canter transitions were not really ready for the test however her movement spoke for itself and the judges were able to assess the quality of her paces and awarded her 76.5 points.

Renske will remain part of our Friesian family and will continue to be a lead horse on our Friesian rides for as long as she wishes to do so. Although she does not school on a regular basis she is a very interesting mare to work with in the arena for the more experienced dressage rider. She is sharp to ride in the arena and a little anxious at times but is relaxed and happy when out hacking.

Renske's journey can be viewed by followers through our social media and online training packages.