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Haylage is an essential part of the horses diet.  Although we try to keep them out in the fields as much as possible to lead a natural life, those needing to be stabled require adlib haylage to keep their digestive systems operating effectively.


During the winter months there is not enough grass to sustain them so they are fed haylage out in the fields.


We currently use approx 120 big round bales each year.  In 2023/4 due to having to seperate the horses into two different fields and feed in both, we have run out a lot sooner than usual.  As a result we have had to buy haylage in at £44 per square bale which is about 1/2 the size of our own round bales.


It costs us approximately £28/bale to produce when taking into account organic fertilizer, field management, cutting, scaling, baling and wrapping along with the cost of the wrap.


If you would like to contribute to the horses staple diet you can donate a bale of haylage here.

Donate a bale of haylage