Friesian Introduction Experience

Our Friesian Introduction Experience gives you 3 hours on the yard.


This experience is ideally suited to those who have fallen in love with the breed, want to know more about them even though they may not be in a position to consider ownership.  This is more than a Yard Experience but not as in depth as an Ownership Experience.


If you are a rider returning from a break or do not have the technical riding experience or fitness levels we ask for, during this experience we can include the opportunity to either sit on one of the Friesians in the arena or if appropriate, a short gentle ride down the lane so you can get a feel for how different Friesians are to many other breeds of horse.


Your day will include some of the following:


  • An introduction to the Friesians at the farm
  • An informal discussion of the history of the Friesian horse & KFPS Studbook
  • A discussion about the different types and characteristics of Friesian horses
  • Spending time getting to know our Friesians from the ground
  • Groom, bath and/or pamper a Friesian or two
  • Spending time in the fields with our Friesians living out 24/7
  • Lead Friesians in and out of the fields
  • Watch us working and training some of them
  • Sitting on a Friesian or joining us on the carriage


Peak Times:  May to end September

INTRODUCTION EXPERIENCE (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

PriceFrom £180.00