Mr JB is our resident miniature shetland pony who has lived with us since 2012. We believe he was born in 2010 or 2011 and arrived in the UK as a yearling with about 100 other shetlands as part of a rescue plan.


He's not as bossy and cheeky as a lot of shetlands I've met in the past but is full of character and fun. Most of his time is spent with two of our retired Friesians, Hoitze and Femma and wherever they go he likes to follow.


JB is my son Bailey's pony who he used to ride occasionally. Now when he's not keeping Femma and Hoitze company he loves to spend a night in our Stable Stays accommodation.


Like a lot of shetlands he can be prone to laminitis so we have to watch what he eats, especially when the rich grass starts to appear.


The best time to see JB is when he heads into our arena - he starts with a good roll and then bombs round and round with his little legs going 19 to the dozen and often making funny little noises as he goes :-)


We're offering him up for adoption alongside the friesians after a special request and of course we don't want him to feel left out!!


You can keep track of what he is up to on our Behind the Scenes Facebook page where Bailey will do his best to get videos and pictures of him on there as often as possible. If you dont hear anything about him for a while do feel free to ask!


After a special request we agreed that he shouldn't be left out of the adoption scheme we have to help raise funds to keep all our friesians (and Mr JB) at the farm well cared for.

Adopt Mr JB (Miniature Shetland)

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