Hannes (Jense 432)

DOB: 7th June 2010

Hannes originally came to us for some training and 'life experience' back in 2015. He's a cheeky little chappie but a very straightforward horse to work with. Sadly he arrived with a nasty sarcoid under his eye and feet in terrible condition. Due to the location of the sarcoid it is very difficult to treat so we are exploring various options to try and slow down its growth. Unfortunately his owner, for reasons only known to her, decided not to pay any of the bills for his time with us and effectively abandoned him here. Although nicely schooled when he arrived he had no experience of hacking. So after a summer of us getting him out and about and used to all the things we do, we started offering him to some of our visitors to ride. He has taken it all in his stride and became a firm favourite with many visitors not only for riding but also driving. In 2019 Hannes had further treatment for his sarcoid and some investigation work carried out into some intermittent lameness. The sarcoid has responded extremely well but unfortunately we have been unable to get to the bottom of his soundness issues. Hannes adores working so it will be a case of managing his comfort over the coming years to allow him still to be involved in our experience days.


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